Resources for Middle and High School

There is so much information available today. Did you know some of the most amazing human beings and leaders were homeschooled? This was one of the first things we researched when we began homeschooling – because we wanted to know we really were in good company. And many of the best, only had books to learn from – many of their parents were not even formally educated. Today – despite being avid readers and book collectors, we are grateful for what the internet provides.

By Year 7, Aixa had already begun basic free university courses. And as soon as Anais returned to homeschooling, an entire new world opened, with courses we couldn’t hope to begin until after Year 12! Below are some of our favourites, but please know it is only the tip of the iceberg. We suggest you do an online search for FREE university courses – regardless of whether you finished high school or not.

Many of our friends want to homeschool but their parents are worried about what others tell them. We find it odd that people who have no experience in it, have the most to say. If you want to know, ask another parent who has gone through it. Or ask a child who does it. If you have learning difficulties, are being bullied or you feel you are being held back, seriously – please ask your parents to look into it.

While we still buy second hand text books for our year or the one above us just so we can ensure we are ‘sticking to it’ we search outside the box for our courses at the beginning of each year, so that we begin the new school year doing a lot of reading and text book work – by the 3rd or 4th week we are in the swing of things; building an ever-increasing repertoire which is a mish-mash of knowledge throughout history and from around the world.

One of the major issues we discuss at home is the lack, in mainstream, of teaching LIFE skills. What about money management? Confidence? Communication? Personal development? Social skills? Relationships? Conflict resolution? There is so much emphasis on sex education, yet nothing on HOW to treat people, whether friends or personal relationships. No wonder so many marriages fail! And in the future – what about parenting?

Or what career to choose? So little is made of these things and if our parents were not so successful at these choices, who can teach us if we don’t know where to look? Also, what if our parents have  We make a point of studying important social topics as much as we study core topics. As a result, we have been able to socialise and communicate with people of all ages with confidence and ease – and we both have multiple plans for our future.

Some of the courses are free, while others do attract a fee, usually discounted. You are even able to get full, accredited degrees online! There are many teens out there who have their first degree at 18 years of age.

Setting Up –

Bev Paine – resources and guidelines

Harding Family – Degrees by age 15?

Study skills – smarter learning

Brain Pop learning tools

Get educated for free

Western Australian Curriculum (You can find your particular options according to your region/state/nation)

Life Skills – 

Personal Development

Plan your career path

Effective altruism

Eco Voice

Creating confidence

Reading/Research/English/Grammar – 

Amazing eBook resource

Massive resources and educational links

Free read

Complete William Shakespeare

Art – 

Colour Theory for Artists/Designers

Incredible art lessons

Veterinary Studies – Animal Husbandry – 

Comparative animal behaviour

Applied animal behaviour

Maths –

Basic maths – Years 7 – 12

Math Goodies – clear guidance/explanations

Engineering –

What is a Keppe Motor?

Scratch IT

Sport/Phys Ed –

Fitness Training Principles & Methods

Science –

How stuff works – answers



Amazing Science

Easy Fun Science Experiments

Language –


Digital dialects


Ted Talks for families

Ted Talks for homeschool success

Online degrees Ted Talks

Encouraging our youth Ted Talks

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez – One of the most inspiring Homeschooled youths of our time

As mentioned this is not all that is available but via the links you will open a world of education and limitless options. If you would like us to add anything else that we may have forgotten please let us know!













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