2017 So Far…

Okay, so we are 3 weeks into a new school year. Those who understand homeschooling know that does not make much difference to the student or parents. 365 days of the year are for homeschooling! Everything is a lesson – even going to the shops with Mum. Everything is a research project. And everything can be fun.

So far this year we have begun supporting our sister who has begun homeschooling our niece, aged 3. Nothing major, but everything is educational – from her DVDs to her toys. Like Mum, our sister doesn’t buy junk toys. They are all fun, or ‘useful’ – and focus on environmental impact and toxicity.

Why buy a rubbish piece of plastic that is only going to end up in landfill once it’s tiresome? Our niece’s homeschool group – one that we occasionally go to – is in Kelmscott, WA. Between this and other groups, she is learning how to swim, all about music, gymnastics, the value of reading, and art. How many 3-year-olds do you know who can rattle off the name of any dinosaur, including particulars about each?

So, what about us? We are back into the swing of our Energy group at church which meets once a week, with plans to go camping and do some awesome stuff.

Anais – I am back running every morning and I have continued with my new hobby – embroidery – which I plan to bring into my future career (fashion and interior design). I take retro denim and update it with embroidery, patches, distressing, studs and so on. My first victory was a stone-washed bomber jacket (see pic below. Yes, I love Troye Sivan) and I am about to start work on a pair of flares.

This year I have changed up my study patterns a bit. I am currently working my way through the NAPLAN workbook and we have been enrolled to take part this year (Mum just wants to prove homeschoolers can and do achieve equal, if not better results than mainstream). I am doing German language most days and of course my beloved art. Once finished the NAPLAN program I will be enrolling for some Diploma courses – most likely around design. Oh, and I am still looking for a job…

PS – if you would like to order something please send me your particulars and measurements to homeschooltwillies@gmail.com



Aixa – As Anais said above, everyday is a school day for us. I work out most days, free of the restrictions of a regular school day. My day starts early – where I go down to the local horse property and help out with feeding and grooming. My friend agists her gorgeous horse there and we care for miniatures (which my niece adores – especially as one is called Jelly which happens to be her nickname too).

I work for Playful Ponies and Pawsum Pets which is a mix of a petting farm and animal therapy (see pic below). The perfect job for me and is helping a lot with my veterinary studies which I continue this year  – Veterinary Respiratory Pathophysiology – plus an Equine course. I am also doing a Diploma in both maths and science. And in between, I love to sew. Like Anais, I love our Energy group at

Like Anais, I love our Energy group at church, and helping out with our niece. I got one step closer to my dream of musical theatre over Christmas by singing at the carols with recording artist Chidi Okpechi. Our Energy group also did an awesome multicultural dance. Lots of beautiful costumes and wicked dance moves by the boys.

PS – if you are in Perth, WA and would like to book Pawsum Pets or want to know more about animal therapy, please email me at homeschooltwillies@gmail.com – and if you want to know more about our church group (we do performance arts, media, mission stuff, etc) please contact us.

Xi kangaroo.jpg














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