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Mothers are underrated. They are people who would circle the world infinite times for you; their children. Their love is indescribable. So strong it gives people life, and a chance to live it.

I remember when I was smaller; every night my mother would come kiss Aixa and I goodnight. Every night she never forgot to say, “I love you,” and every time I would tell her that she is the angel of angels and everything more. Because in my eyes and my three sisters’ eyes, she is. As the saying goes in Ed Sheeran’s song, you are an angel in the shape of my mum.

Mothers go through enormous lengths for you each day, to show you what you mean to them. They raise you, usually along with your dad; they feed you, they clean your clothes, make sure you go to school, and they keep a roof over your head.

Some houses are loud and some are quiet. Some houses are mansions and some houses are little cottages. Some houses have mothers and some don’t. But if your mother is with you today or in your heart, you’re a lucky one.

For myself, I haven’t exactly grown up with a fatherly figure in my life. But that hasn’t changed any part of it. For my family is exactly the same as anyone else’s. It just shows that my mum is twice as strong than my father. When any of us (my siblings and I) fall, she is right there lifting us up. Whether it’s with her words for encouragement or with her arms. She never fails. When any of us want to quit in whatever we are doing at the time, all we have to do is see her smile and it changes everything. Even her tone of voice is warming, and anyone that has spoken with her will know this.

Mothers. In your eyes when you look in the mirror you probably see some flaws, but please remember that your children won’t ever see them because they are not there. Your children will see you as whatever is perfect in their eyes, whether that may be a princess or batgirl or even an angel as I have said. You are perfect because God has chosen you to be a mother. He knew you would be amazing at what you do, he knew that you would be perfect for the role. God chose you.

There are not just angels up with Jesus and God, there are angels on earth, too. What do you think mothers and fathers are? Regular people? I don’t think so.

Thank you for listening to me.


© Anais Kenzig 2017








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