Winter Update 2017 – Aixa

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We are now half-way through the year! So I thought it was time that I gave an update. I’m still working for Playful Ponies and Pawsum Pets, and I’m enjoying it as much as I did before. Currently I am volunteering at a local horse property while getting some much needed break times and an awesome experience – and hope to start volunteering at the local wildlife sanctuary.

Despite working at my own pace, I am getting a great education both through practical experience and studying. I was recently accepted into a veterinary nursing diploma course by NSW TAFE online. I haven’t started it yet but I hopefully will be starting it as soon as we can raise the funds.

We began studying certificates and have moved onto diplomas with leading universities. My current study courses include – (all for free via Coursera – you only pay for certificates/diplomas if you want them) –

University of Florida – The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management

University of Edinburgh – Animal Behaviour and Welfare

University of Edinburgh – Chicken Behaviour and Welfare

Ohio State University – Calculus One

Duke University – Music as biology

Technical University of Denmark – Antimicrobial resistance – Theory and Methods

Technical University of Denmark – Whole Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Genomes – Tools and Applications

It sounds like I lot but I can’t even share how much I enjoy it – all at my own pace. So if I want to read my beautiful books or even watch movies during the day – and study from say 5pm until 11pm, I can. Like most teens I struggle to concentrate when I am not in the mood so leave it until I am. As a result, I am flying through my courses even though it seems I only study a little here and there.

I have been helping my sister out with my baby niece. She’s two months old as of the 20th. And my older niece is 4 on the 14th of September. Oh and in between, I have been fixing bikes (Poppy taught me basics and I have just expanded from there) and also have helped Mum fix various car issues. The world is a classroom!

FYI Anais’ university study load for this year – (all for free via ALISON – you only pay for certificates if you want them) –

Saylor Foundation – Diploma in Sustainable Business
Saylor Foundation – Study Skills
David Briggs/Julian Ashton Art School – Colour Theory for Artists and Designers
ALISON/XSIQ – Diploma in Health Studies










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