Our social life…

One of the most common misconceptions about homeschooling is the perceived lack of socialisation. Okay so if you ask Twin 1 (Anais) the answer will always be that there is never enough social time in a week. For Twin 2 (Aixa) well, weeks could go by and if a good book and animals were the only companions, you would not get a single complaint – unless you were asking me to get some good clothes on and be sociable.

We catch up with family and friends regularly; whether visiting our grandparents, or having sleep-overs with good friends. Most afternoons Aixa can be found at a nearby horse property (Falls Farm) gaining as much equine knowledge as possible. During this time, more than adequate social catch-ups are done.

During the week there is music practice, shopping ‘excursions’ and on Sunday there is Church (Destiny Empowered) and Youth Group which encompasses everything from music to performing arts to movie making and public performances. We are a loud, vocal bunch and we hope to be able to share some clips soon.