When every day is an excursion…


We often feel sad for our friends because we know they are stuck doing things they may not enjoy. For us, being self-starters, we can dictate when we start or finish our work. For Twin 2 (Aixa), schoolwork does not start until between 10 – 11 am. By then, animal chores have been done and if I feel like cooking, that is just something I include. Some days I am finished by 3pm but often I am so engrossed in my work that I can keep going until well after 6pm. I try to fit in language (Zulu/Latin) every day and veterinary studies are usually part of my everyday program.

For Twin 1 (Anais), schoolwork starts really early – sometimes around 7am; simply because I am an early riser like Mum. I try to get in my language (German) studies and Art every day, while spacing all the other subjects during the week. I am usually finished by 1pm; although like Aixa, I can get so involved that I am still working well after 3pm. The difference is, that it is enjoyable and somehow, I have managed to race well ahead of my peers – even finishing textbooks intended for my year, long before the end of the year.

So, what are our excursions? We have learned – very fast – how to make everything a learned, fun-filled process. Shopping becomes a research program and when we are out; even if it is just for a walk, we find something to come home and research. We go to the beach often and we incorporate historical architecture into this, because we usually drive through older suburbs.


One of our first homeschool excursions involved every subject you could name – so we mapped out our plan, travelled by bus, train and ferry. We went to the WA Art Gallery and Museum. We walked around the city centre and marked out historical buildings and gardens. More recently, we did the same in Fremantle – while taking our grandmother out for the day and meeting up at the harbour. All at our own pace.

We regularly do road-trips and travel out to the wheatbelt to visit our grandfather – this can become everything from a history lesson courtesy of stories Poppy shares, to geography, land management, environmental studies, genealogy and so many other things. It just depends on what/who we see or do each time we are out.

We are currently working on bigger and better excursions…