Our noisy house…

Being a musical family, we are never far away from instruments and music. While Twin 1 (Anais) focuses more on vocals these days, I have tried my hand at classical guitar and keyboard.

Meanwhile, Twin 2 (Aixa) focuses on jazz and some opera, with a keen interest in alto saxophone, drums and clarinet. One of my dreams is to sing in Phantom of the Opera.

We are blessed to have amassed a good range of instruments over the years – a half a dozen guitars, 2 keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, bass, a range of percussion instruments, etc. It’s also very exciting that our eldest sister is a good vocal coach, while our middle sister is studying sound engineering.

We also do performance pieces at church and with our Youth Group. We have spent time in a recording studio when we were small but one day we hope to take it further.

We will share clips when we are able.