Anais’ progress term 4, 2017

After starting the year not really knowing which direction I wanted to head towards, I found myself studying more and more in the area of sports medicine.

In term 4, I managed to complete two more diplomas –

  • Coaching styles and techniques through XSIQ (ALISON)
  • Macronutrient metabolism through Prof Brian Lindshield, College of Human Ecology (ALISON)

Along with the above, I continued with German language studies, artwork, personal fitness, reading and I began an out of school hours paid job at a local fast food joint. Of course this did not last long as I could not continue to work in a place where everything went against what I believe in. I also have reason to believe it was illegal as it was cash only and conditions were far from hygienic or fair. On to my next venture!

©  Anais Kenzig 2017


My first official legit Diploma! By Anais

You heard right. On Friday 30th June I finally finished my Diploma of Physical Education : Fitness and Training Methods  with a final score of 80% !!!

I cannot believe I am finally finished. It was the most intense thing I have ever studied – you should see my notes! The pics in our art section are from the beginning of the course. It was via ALISON and free of course but Mum just has to pay for the parchment or PDF to print out.

I am not sure what career I want to do as I am still keen on Interior Design and Art but as I love sport (I am currently training for a City to Surf marathon) who knows, I may look to personal training in the future.

I plan to do a few more diplomas and next year I hope to start a degree.

(The pic is of me in training with my new pup Archi).


2017 – So Far… by Anais

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At the beginning of the year I had no clue what was going to happen (I had only done one year of homeschooling and my mum had taken care of it by planning our programme). This year mum decided that she wanted us to take it into our own hands to decide which direction we want to lead our education.

So, for the first two or three weeks I had completed a book of preparation for NAPLAN (as I am in grade 9). After I completed the book mum began encouraging me in a direction I had not thought was possible; that it is a good idea to complete a diploma in whatever I wanted to do as a profession.

She had been saving and sharing all these different subjects to study online (art, interior design, confidence gaining, etc); I found that none of them really piqued an interest until I saw a subject on Sports Medicine – beginning with Physical Education. As mum is a naturopath and former nurse, with a PhD in Integrative Health its only natural that my siblings and I follow in her footsteps to some degree, with our own little twists along the way.

Since starting this diploma I have learnt a lot about our energy systems, muscles and even the Krebs Cycle. It was surprising to see how much I didn’t know about the body. Not all of what I have learnt would be used in the everyday life, but it is still very handy to know.

And guess what? In studying this Diploma (via ALISON)  which seems to be mainly on HEALTH, I find this one topic also covers –


Maths – so many equations to learn! Try working out the Krebs cycle, energy systems (ATP-PC), Lactic acid and Aerobic, ideal nutrient quotas and determining muscle fibre types…

Science and Biochemistry – I could feel my brain kicking in! Physiology of muscles, components of muscles, microscopic characteristics of muscle structure, involvement of the heart in aerobic exercise, understanding ATP and the use of carbohydrates and fats in energy conversion is just part of what the course has covered so far.

Art – The diagrams on this post are my own drawings. This course and way of studying is not just allowing me to understand the science but also is helping me in a better understanding of the human form so I can better draw the body.


Basic muscle physiology

English – as much time is spent every day working out alternative ways to summarise the work I am reading as I spend on reading and taking the new knowledge in! When mum was doing her PhD she used to joke that the Thesaurus is her best friend and now I finally know what she means. It’s not enough for me to learn the meaning of words now; I need to know alternatives, synonyms and applications as well as various contexts of their use. Interestingly, my handwriting has improved…

Physical Education – Despite not being part of a sports team at the moment as I was when I still attended the local high school, I would argue that I am fitter than ever. This course has fuelled an interest in putting knowledge into practice so I run most days, I work out and take my own measurements/observations each time.

I recently gained an interest in dancing. Specifically isolation and dub-step dancing. I can learn at my own pace and my own style. You can learn when you want and what you want at home when homeschooling – there is so much on YouTube with so many lessons and brilliant dancers happy to share their skills. Which might I add, you can’t do in a classroom.

I did a few more art pieces, went to Sculptures By The Sea at Cottesloe and found the time to braid my hair again – coincidentally, all as part of a normal school curriculum. And on weekends, I get to see the friends I made while at public school – spending time boogie-boarding and playing sport.

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Adele – by Anais Kenzig 2017

With homeschooling the possibilities are endless! If you have a passion for drawing, you can study it. A passion for graphic design. you could do it! As people say, “You can learn anything if you put enough hours and hard work into it”.


I myself didn’t believe this until I started homeschooling again. We hope to move house soon so I can join some groups and sports clubs as I really do miss more social activity; one aspect of public schooling that I really loved!


© Anais Kenzig 2016

2017 So Far…

Okay, so we are 3 weeks into a new school year. Those who understand homeschooling know that does not make much difference to the student or parents. 365 days of the year are for homeschooling! Everything is a lesson – even going to the shops with Mum. Everything is a research project. And everything can be fun.

So far this year we have begun supporting our sister who has begun homeschooling our niece, aged 3. Nothing major, but everything is educational – from her DVDs to her toys. Like Mum, our sister doesn’t buy junk toys. They are all fun, or ‘useful’ – and focus on environmental impact and toxicity.

Why buy a rubbish piece of plastic that is only going to end up in landfill once it’s tiresome? Our niece’s homeschool group – one that we occasionally go to – is in Kelmscott, WA. Between this and other groups, she is learning how to swim, all about music, gymnastics, the value of reading, and art. How many 3-year-olds do you know who can rattle off the name of any dinosaur, including particulars about each?

So, what about us? We are back into the swing of our Energy group at church which meets once a week, with plans to go camping and do some awesome stuff.

Anais – I am back running every morning and I have continued with my new hobby – embroidery – which I plan to bring into my future career (fashion and interior design). I take retro denim and update it with embroidery, patches, distressing, studs and so on. My first victory was a stone-washed bomber jacket (see pic below. Yes, I love Troye Sivan) and I am about to start work on a pair of flares.

This year I have changed up my study patterns a bit. I am currently working my way through the NAPLAN workbook and we have been enrolled to take part this year (Mum just wants to prove homeschoolers can and do achieve equal, if not better results than mainstream). I am doing German language most days and of course my beloved art. Once finished the NAPLAN program I will be enrolling for some Diploma courses – most likely around design. Oh, and I am still looking for a job…

PS – if you would like to order something please send me your particulars and measurements to



Aixa – As Anais said above, everyday is a school day for us. I work out most days, free of the restrictions of a regular school day. My day starts early – where I go down to the local horse property and help out with feeding and grooming. My friend agists her gorgeous horse there and we care for miniatures (which my niece adores – especially as one is called Jelly which happens to be her nickname too).

I work for Playful Ponies and Pawsum Pets which is a mix of a petting farm and animal therapy (see pic below). The perfect job for me and is helping a lot with my veterinary studies which I continue this year  – Veterinary Respiratory Pathophysiology – plus an Equine course. I am also doing a Diploma in both maths and science. And in between, I love to sew. Like Anais, I love our Energy group at

Like Anais, I love our Energy group at church, and helping out with our niece. I got one step closer to my dream of musical theatre over Christmas by singing at the carols with recording artist Chidi Okpechi. Our Energy group also did an awesome multicultural dance. Lots of beautiful costumes and wicked dance moves by the boys.

PS – if you are in Perth, WA and would like to book Pawsum Pets or want to know more about animal therapy, please email me at – and if you want to know more about our church group (we do performance arts, media, mission stuff, etc) please contact us.

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